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 AQUA 2022
Exhibitors introduce themselves

AQUA 2022

23rd International water management

14.6. - 15.6.2022



     BIOSET specializes in the production of equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge management. The            company relies on proven and  appreciated technologies all over the world, provides comprehensive service
    of experienced engineers and optimization of project costs.
    Bioset sewage treatment plants are used in single and multi-family housing, schools, hotels, as well as entire          rural and urban centers. 

   The company VAG s.r.o., formerly Jihomoravská armaturka based in Hodonín, is the largest Czech manufacturer     of valves for drinking and wastewater.

   Valves meet all the requirements related to Slovak legislation for drinking water supplies.

   Visit us in our exposition in Pavilion no. 7.

   Looking forward to your visit


Aarsleff Hulín® s.r.o.

 Trenchless repair, replacement, remediation of all types of piping and sewer trenchless technology (Aarsleff CIPP, LED Bluelight,     HDPE Relining, Reduct-liner®, Berstlining, Primus Line), including cleaning, TV – monitoring, welding of PE pipes, fittings, repairs     Flue connections in sewage. Every year about 20000 m reconstruct pipelines. For more information you provide in our exposition at   the exhibition AQUA 2022, Pavilion P5-6, no. page 13.


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