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Laser removal of permanent makeup and tattoos 

Laser device for removing pigments used in permanent makeup and tattoos. Allows to remove the pigment implanted into the termins without damaging the integrity of the skin, or causing irreversible changes in the structure of the skin or scarring. Q Switch Yag laser becomes an integral part of supply of services in the field of cosmetology.
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Viktorija Kendra

With Chelsea Beautique you will achieve the perfect eyebrows within few seconds

Long leasting and easy aplly powder will ensure the perfect shape and natural look for the whole day. Chelsea Beautique powders are wather resistant and sweat proof!

Balegro Cosmetics LLC

Exclusive cosmetic -417 from Death see

We are presenting wide range of an exclusive cosmetic -417 from Death see focused on facial, anti-aging and body care. Thanks to combination of  Vitamin Mineral Complex and natural active components, like moisture-balancing minerals from the Dead Sea, energizing  vitamins and unique plant extracts, assists in regenerating skin cells and preventing aging signs. All products are PARABEN FREE & MINERAL OIL FREE.

BeautyFeel, s.r.o.



This GEL FINISH TOP COAT is a transparent gel textured top coat that offers a olumizing glossy film for a perfect domed finish. It also forms a protective shield to the manicure to prevent nail polish from premature chipping or flaking.
The result: a smooth and olumized nail for a perfect gel-like look ! The advantages of a gel-like finish without the use of a UV lamp !

Glamour Slovakia, a.s.


Swiss pedicure is more than just a revolutionary proffesional beauty treatment

It’s the most relaxing wellness for you feet. Callousness and dead hard skin just effortlessly peel away in only 15 minutes. The absence of blades avoids any danger of bleeding, meaning the treatment can be performed by trainee or less experienced therapists.

Dermitage, s.r.o.


Christian Breton

Christian Breton and Scientific team have demonstrated that Cryotherapy combined with a light pressure helps to reduce quickly swelling and darkcircles around eyes. As a first he launched the skin care products based on the genetic basis. Combining 17 proprietary format developed a unique range of cosmetic products that solve every problem under the skin on the cell.
A & M Partners, s.r.o.

A & M Partners, s.r.o.

Line Bel-Energen is the top performance Line of DR. BELTER COSMETIC.

It offers anti-aging products and treatments for women who wish to have both - natural products with organic ingredients and highly effective, innovative actives. Selected high-tech components such as the biomimetic DLS, Antarcticine®, Belisome® AP and FreshCellsTM are combined with proven herbal extracts to offer visible care results. All products are free of mineral- and silicone oils and parabens.
Terabel s.r.o.


PODOPHARM®- brand new and complete system of wire braces and specialised products  for painless and non-invasive method of treatment of ingrown or deformed nails. Effective and affordable professional system for all types of nails.
hadewe® - new professional pedicure and manicure Units - many improvements, better protection of bearings, low noise, own professional service, extended warranty for 24 months!




Slimming cream of new generation Adipo Gasta - Lose weight with a cell trainer GERnétic.

More intensive slimming, firming and smoothing effects! There is a new cellular coach in the recipe, which potentiates the effect of the product.  The complex of biologically active substances of plant origin is capable of targeting and separating hypertrophied and medium fat cells. 
GERnetic SK s.r.o. -

ETANI Cosmetics will be presenting ETANI Lifting Pen

Profesional device based on microneedle mesotherapy. Device is designed for use in saloons. ETANI will be also presenting several treatments based on LiftingPen in connection with natural cosmetics brand ETANI which is known by it’s purity, naturality and highest concentration of powrfull substancees such a Hyaluronic Acid, Stemm Cell or Collagen serum.
QPG, s.r.o. - ETANI Cosmetics

the wired clip

"Marsal" is the wired clip of highest quality for an easier application and treatment of ingrown nails for trained podiatrists. The brand "Marsal" is the manufacturer of wired clips and tools for its application to ingrown nails. The wire clip "Marsal" (0.3 mm and 0.4 mm) is an absolutely novelty for a top prize.
Sapex, s.r.o.

Argan Care with Gold

A deluxe range with brightening 24-carat gold and precious organic argan oil that nourishes and regenerates the skin. Other interesting active substances include the higly moisturizing hyaluronic acid, seaweed extracts, beta-glucan and ASC III, which stimulates the formation of the highest-quality collagen III in the skin.
RYOR Bratislava s.r.o.


Calendar of exhibitions   15. February - 04. March