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23rd International wine competition - Wine tasting is nonpublic, samples will be presented to the public during the exhibition VINUM LAUGARICIO 4. - 5. 12. 2014

30.10. - 31.10.2014

                                 Wine tasting is nonpublic, samples will be presented to the public during the exhibition
4. - 5. 12. 2014


1. The aim of the competition
The 23rd annual International competition VINOFORUM is continuing the past tradition of wine evaluation gatherings in Austria, Slovenia, Czech republic, Slovak republic and Croatia.
Their goal is to promote the production and culture of wine in these countries to the highest standard.

2. The date and place of the competition
30. - 31. 10. 2014
Evaluation of wines entered in the competition
EXPO CENTER j.s.c., Trenčín

3. Competition Organizer
EXPO CENTER j.s.c., Trenčín
Pod Sokolicami 43        
911 01 Trenčín
Slovak republic

4. Condition of Participation
The competition is open producers and merchants of wine from anywhere in the world that comply with this statute.

5. Return of Application
Froms and Delivery of Samples Each exhibitor will be required to complete and return the application from by the deadline date of October 15th, 2014. Samples must also be dispatched at the cots of exhibitor this same date and each sample must be accompanied by the following information: name and address of producer and exhibitor, category, grape variety, country of origin, vintage, residual sugar content (grams per liter), acidity (grams per liter), total content of SO2 (mg / liter), alcohol (vol %).
The organizers reserve the right to refuse any application that does not conform to the rules of the competition. Six bottles of each competing samples will be submitted. Bottles will be of 0.2 or 0.375 or 0.50 or 0.75 liter content. All samples become the property of the organizer. Delivery of all samples by the closing date is the responsibility of the entrant, by express post or other means, to the following

EXPO CENTER j.s.c., Trenčín
Pod Sokolicami 43        
911 01 Trenčín
Slovak republic
tel.: +421 32 770 43 20

Please deliver the samples sent by air to the Airport Bratislava, IATA code BTS.
Please send a zero value proforma-invoice with samples for customs purposes.

6. Participation Fee
The fee for participating in this wine competition is:
           60 EURO    + 20% VAT per 1 sample
           100 EURO + 20% VAT per 2 samples
           120 EURO + 20% VAT per 3 samples
           30 EURO    + 20% VAT per each other sample
per all samples submitted. The participant may either remit this sum along with the samples or by bank transfer to the account of the organizier:

Name of account: EXPO CENTER a.s.
Bank: Prima banka Slovensko, a.s.
Bank account number: 0642955001
Bank number: 5600
IBAN CODE: SK53 5600 0000 0006 4295 5001
Please use your Business Licence Number of Personal Identification Number to identify yourself
on the bank transfer.

7. Composition of the Juries
Five juries, each composed of five renowend international wine experts will judge the samples.
The judging committee will be led the competition´s President, Vice-President and the competition´s Oenologist.

8. Judging
Wines will be judged according to a 100-points system. The following elements will be judged: appearance (clarity, color), nose (intensity, sight, quality and length), overall impression and effervescence in sparkling wine. The overall result of the numeral evaluation is the average value. All wines will be blind tasted.

9. Awards and Prizes
The following prizes will be awarded on merit: grand gold (minimal points 92), gold (85) and silver diplom´s (82). Champion prizes will be awarded for dry white wines (I.1), and other white wines (I.2, I.3), rose wines (category II), red wines (category III), natural sweet wines (IV), sparkling wines (category V), „Under veil“ & liquer wines (category IV).
Total award limit is 30% of all wines.
The price named "European champion Vinoforum 2014" will be awarded by Director General of Expo Center to dry wine with the top score.  
The Champion tittle will not be awarded to a category if that category contains less then 20 wines.
The competiton commitee resserves the right to award special prizes to wines of exceptional quality.

10. Categories

Category                                         Residual sugar (g / l)                       Reference sign
White wines     
dry                                                      (0-4)                                                     I.1
semi-dry                                           (4-12)                                                   I.2
semi-sweet                                     (12-45)                                                 I.3
Rose wines   

dry                                                     (0-4)                                                     II.4
others                                               (above 4)                                             II.5   
Red wines  
dry                                                      (0-4)                                                    III.6
others                                                (above 4)                                            III.7   
Naturally sweet

wines without colour difference    (above 45)                                         IV.8

Sparkling Wines       

dry                                                        (0-15)                                                 V.9
semi-dry                                             (15-40)                                               V.10
semi-sweet                                       (40-80)                                               V.11
sweet                                                  (above 80)                                         V.12
”Under veil“ & liquer wines   

dry                                                        (0-6)                                                    VI.13
semi-dry                                             (6-40)                                                  VI.14
semi-sweet                                       (40-80)                                                VI.15                   
sweet                                                  (above 80)                                          VI.16   

Calendar of exhibitions   17. May - 04. June