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1.           Water and sewage systems
1.1.       Construction
1.1.1.    Piping systems
1.1.2.    Fasteners, fittings, locks, valves, butterfly valves, adapters 
1.1.3.    Objects on water networks, shafts, mud drum, air tank
1.1.4.    Structures of sewerage networks, manholes, relief chambers, chutes, humps

1.2.       Operation
1.2.1.    Measuring and control engineering
1.2.2.    Pumps and pumping stations
1.2.3.    Monitoring equipment, detection of losses and failures
1.2.4.    Optimizing of operation of water supply and sewerage
1.2.5.    Facilities for cleaning and maintenance of water and sewer systems

1.3.        Water treatment
1.3.1.    Water treatment equipment
1.3.2.    Technology of Water Treatment
1.3.3.    The chemicals used in water treatment
1.3.4.    Methods for detection and control of water quality

1.4.        Wastewater treatment
1.4.1.    Objects used for urban wastewater treatment
1.4.2.    Objects used for treatment of industrial waste water
1.4.3.    Technology of urban waste water treatment
1.4.4.    Technology of industrial waste water treatment
1.4.5.    Pumps and blowers used for wastewater treatment plant
1.4.6.    Measuring and monitoring of the quantity and quality of waste water

1.5.       Sludge treatment
1.5.1.    The processing of sludge, stabilization, concentration
1.5.2.    Equipment for dewatering  of sludge
1.5.3.    Secondary processing and utilization of sludge

1.6.       Gas management
1.6.1.    Gas holders, biogas stations
1.6.2.    Wiring, connectors, covers for gas

1.7.        Individual systems for collection and wastewater treatment
1.7.1.    Cesspools
1.7.2.    Septic tanks
1.7.3.    Household wastewater treatment

1.8.       Building internal fittings
1.8.1.    Water, gas, sewerage and heating in buildings

1.9.        Trenchless technology
1.10.      Renewable energy
1.10.1.   Small hydropower plants
1.10.2.   Heat pumps
1.10.3.   Cogeneration units

1.11.       Flood protection
1.11.1.    Flood protection equipment
1.11.2.    Flood walls, barriers, ramparts
1.11.3.    Warning systems
1.11.4.    Monitoring of surface water status
1.11.5.    Surface water quantity forecasting systems

1.12.       Consulting, design and investor activity
1.12.1.    Implementation of projects under preparation
1.12.2.    Implementation of projects under implementation
1.12.3.    Investment activity
1.12.4.    Construction management
1.12.5.    Construction supervision

1.13.       Construction and renovation

1.14.       Swimming pools and hydromassage equipment

1.15.       Institutions, associations, unions, literature and education

1.16.       Other

2.           Environmental  protection

3.           Waste management
3.1.       Collection, transportation, sorting and treatment of waste
3.2.       Municipal waste
3.3.       Crushers, presses for waste
3.4.       Incinerators, packing, composting and landfills
3.5.       Rubbish containers and bags
3.6.       Reclamation and recycling
3.7.       New technologies for waste management
3.8.       Design, construction and modernization of facilities for waste treatment
3.9.       Computer software
3.10.     Institutions, advisory services
3.11.     Publishers 

4.           Technologies and services for the development of towns and villages

5.           Hydropower

6.           Insulation

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