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 AQUA 2016
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14. 6. 2016 (Tuesday)

10:30                         Festival opening of the exhibition
                                   The Milan Topoli´s award for contribution in water management
                                   The “Golden AQUA” best exhibit competition
                                   The “Blue Aqueduct” most valuable exposition competition
                                   Place: Pavilion 3 – Program Centre

12:00 – 13:30          “The Association of Water Companies for Schools” 
                                   Organised by: The Association of Water Companies
                                   Place: Pavilion 3 – Program Centre

15. 6. 2016 (Wednesday)

10:00 – 13:00          A specialised seminar
                                   Subject: Innovative Technologies and Logistic Procedures in Waste Handling
                                   Organised by: ASPEK – The Association of Industrial Ecology in Slovakia
                                   Place: Pavilion 3 – Program Centre
                                   8:10     Registration
                                   8:50     Opening
                                   9:00     New Act on Wastes
                                                Mgr. Eleonóra Šuplatová, director of the department; Ing. Viera Špalková, PhD.,
                                                The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, waste management department

                                   9:35    ASPEK – The History, Presence and the Future of the Oldest Association of Industrial Companies,                                                 Universities and Consulting Companies for Environmental Issues in Slovakia
                                                Ing. Peter Plekanec, executive vice-president of ASPEK
                                   10:00   Current Changes in Legislation on Wastes and a Relationship with Water Management
                                                Ing. Elena Bodíková, PhD., EIB Consult, s.r.o.
                                   10:25   Current Changes in a Waste Handling Philosophy Abroad and in Slovakia
                                                Ing. Peter Plekanec, ENEX trade, s.r.o.
                                   10:50   Paulownia Wallachia and Its Possibilities of Use
                                                Dávid Spisar, Ing. Martin Uhrík, Paulovnia s.r.o
                                   11:15   The Use of Mine Water as Geothermal Energy for New Production Programs
                                                RNDr. Jozef Halmo, HBP, a.s.
                                   11:40   Processing of Problematic Bio-Wastes into a Raw Material for Biogas Production 
                                                Ing. Peter Benko, INECS
                                   11:45   Launch 
                                   12:45   The Energetic Use of Municipal Wastes, Coal and Coal Mud with a Low Heating Value
                                                Ing. Martin Vaškovič, Ing. Gabriel Sirotňák, SES Tlmače, a.s.
                                   13:10   Liquidation of Seepage Liquids from Waste Dumps – the Experience from Operation of Our Own                                                 Waste Water Treatment Plant and Possibilities of New Solutions
                                                Ing. Miloš Hlaváčik, water manager, Marius Pedersen a.s. Trenčín
                                   13:35   Microorganisms of Extreme Environments
                                                RNDr. Jana Júdová, PhD., Faculty of Industrial Technologies TnU AD
                                   14:00   New Technologies for an Environmental Area from a Designer´s Prospective, Examples
                                                of Solutions
                                                RNDr. Ing. Pavel Mikuláš, Ing. Eduard Krištof, PIO Keramoprojekt, a.s.
                                   14:30   The end of seminar    

11:00                         A meeting of the Board of Directors of AVS    
                                   Place: Pavilion 4, 1-st floor – Protocol

14:00                         A meeting of general managers of water companies    
                                   Place: Pavilion 7 / 36

16. 6. 2016 (Thursday)
8:00 – 12:00             A specialised seminar
                                   Subject: Water Handling in Towns and Cities – Where to Put the Water?
                                   Organised by: Department of Environmental Engineering of ÚChEI FCHPT, STU Bratislava and the                                                               Association of Water Treatment Experts of the Slovak Republic
                                   Place: Pavilion 3 – Program Centre
                                   8:00     Registration
                                   9:00     Opening
                                   9:15     Green Infrastructure – Legislation, Problems and Solutions in Water Handling in a City
                                                Elena Fatulová, Water Policy Institute, Bratislava
                                   9:45     Water, Sustainability, Responsibility and the Reality
                                                Karel Plotěný, ASIO, s.r.o. Brno
                                   10:15   Rain Water Handling in Cities: Problems and Solutions
                                                Marek Sokáč, SvF STU Bratislava
                                   10:45   The Issue of Solution of Rain Water Discharge in Urbanisation of a River Basin
                                                Vladimír Mosný, HYCOMP Bratislava
                                   11:15   Environmental Hardened Surfaces with a Water Retention Function – Examples of Solutions
                                                Matej Plesník, NARASK, o.z.
                                   11:40   Discussion
                                   12:00   The end of seminar    

Calendar of exhibitions   17. May - 04. June