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 AQUA 2014
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Strecha Holding s.r.o.

AquaBagstop is a new and effective system of protection for everyone that cares about his or her property (want to keep their property dry). They are designed and made in Slovakia.
Single-chamber and double-chamber bags filled with special superabsorbent can be used to build barriers to prevent water from flooding buildings (houses, garages, wells, public and industrial buildings) up to 1-meter height.  They present an ideal and effective alternative to sand bags.  They can also be used to dry out spaces after flooding or emergencies caused by broken water pipes etc.
Main Advantages: Quick absorption of water * Simple handling and storage * Multiple usage * Ecological solution
TORALEX s.r.o.

TORALEX is a new established production and  trade company by an experienced and skilled manager team comming out of the GRP pipe systems business.
TORALEX offers the products TORALIT developed and technologized by Canadian R&D company Faratec.
The pipe systems TORALIT prove all necessary technical merits because of sophisticated technology and by using own R&D created raw materials. All this has a positive impact on customer friendly prices.
Besides of GRP pipe systems trade, TORALEX has its own fitting production situated in south-eastern part of South Moravia.
It is an ambition of TORALEX management is to expand the trade activities in the Central Europa and  to restore the GRP pipe production in the Czech Republic in 2015.
TOKOZ a.s.

We offer the security of buildings and property - Professional advice, design security challenged and bottlenecks assemble products. We also offer installation of master key (SGHK) and keyed alike system, training and service. Mechanical security of non-standard places and objects, ensuring cables in bridge structures, manholes covers, petrol stations´ covers, shafts and entrances to the underground space, security valves, tamper-proof, security facilities in remote locations (heat exchangers, engineering houses, electrical and relay boxes, substation, ..).
Sensus Slovensko a.s.

Sensus, a leading company for CleanTech solutions demonstrates its technologies for smart water network. iPERL, as innovative solid-state domestic water meter enables utilities to build up a modern network communication and thus to leakage detection, permanent monitoring of drinking water and efficient use of the resources. Accurate measurement and operating data are the requirements for a real time water management. All measuring and operating data is continually sensed and broadcasted using a networked communication system.

Pöyry Environment a.s.

Pöyry is a global consulting and engineering company dedicated to Balanced sustainability. We offer our clients integrated management consulting, total solutions for complex projects and efficient, best-in-class design and supervision. Pöyry has 7000 experts operating in about 50 countries.

Jihomoravská armaturka spol. s.r.o.

This year for the first time you will find Jihomoravská armaturka spol. s.r.o., Hodonín from Czech republic in hall P7. JMA changes its traditional place from open area.  We believe that our presentation in new hall will bring our customers and visitors more comfort and better services with providing the information.
We look forward to see you in hall P7!
Aarsleff Hulín® s.r.o.

Aarsleff Hulín® s.r.o. – Trenchless repair, replacement, remediation of all types of piping and sewer trenchless technology (Aarsleff CIPP, HDPE Relining, Reduct-liner®, Berstlining), including cleaning, TV – monitoring, welding of PE pipes, fittings, repairs Flue connections in sewage. Every year about 20000 m reconstruct pipelines. For more information you provide in our exposition at the exhibition AQUA 2014, Pavilion 1, no. page 1 – ground floor. 
GESS-CZ, s.r.o.

GESS-CZ, s.r.o. company manufactures equipment for the water management sector, mainly Archimedean screw pumps (diameter up to 4.3 m, length up to 18.0 m) and BSK aeration turbines.
We are manufacturer of small hydro power plants based on Archimedean screw principle (Hydrodynamic screw turbines), operating at output up to 500 kW.

TRANSMISIE Engineering a.s.

Since its establishment in 1990 TRANSMISIE Engineering a.s. executes supplies of drives and machinery equipment for waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and drinking water treatment plants. At this year's exhibition „AQUA TRENČÍN 2014“  company will present the following products: coarse and fine screens with mechanical cleaning, screenings conveyors and presses, sand separators and sand washers, low-platform rail chassis, surface aerators and  mixers, drives of scraper bridge travels, drives of flood-gates and stop-logs and drives of screw pumps.

ASIMEX s.r.o.

ASIMEX s.r.o. is an importer of products for construction of utilities. ASIMEXs.r.o. is representative of producers Gerodur and FOX FITTINGS in Slovakian market.

Gerodur is a producer of RCprotect® coextruded pipe made of PE 100 RC and GEROfit® PE 100 RC pipe with additional polypropylene layer.

Producer FOX FITTINGS offers whole range of electrofusion and butt fusion fittings. Besides of above mentioned products, ASIMEX s.r.o. offers Ritmo welding machines and accessories for welding of polyethylene. 





Calendar of exhibitions   20. January - 07. February