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 AQUA 2014
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1.                      WATER MANAGEMENT
1.1                   Drinking water sources and exploitation
1.1.1                Hydrogeological investigation
1.1.2                Drilling and excavation of wells
1.1.3                Drinking water supply
1.1.4                Drinking water supply network monitoring systems
1.2                   Water treatment processes and technologies
1.2.1                Removal of suspended solids and turbidity
1.2.2                Hardness removal and demineralisation
1.2.3                Removal of iron and manganese
1.2.4                Removal of unpleasant taste and odours
1.2.5                Disinfection
1.2.6                Water treatment technologies
1.3                   Town and villages draining
1.3.1                Monitoring systems of sewerage networks
1.3.2                Cleaning of sewers
1.4                   Wastewater treatment processes and technologies
1.4.1                Mechanical treatment
1.4.2                Physical and chemical treatment
1.4.3                Biological wastewater treatment
1.4.4                Technologies for municipal wastewater treatment             Organic impurity removal             Nitrification             Nitrogen removal             Phosphorous removal             Removal of nitrogen and phosphorous             Tertiary treatment of wastewater             Small wastewater treatment plants
1.4.5                Technologies for industrial wastewater treatment
1.4.6                Technologies for agricultural wastewater
1.5                   Equipment for water and wastewater treatment
1.5.1                Storage tanks
1.5.2                Equalisation basins
1.5.3                Agitators and agitatin systems
1.5.4                Dosing equipment
1.5.5                Contact tanks
1.5.6                Equipment for mechanical processes
1.5.7                Equipment for physical and chemical processes
1.5.8.               Bioreactors             Suspended growth bioreactors             Attached growth bioreactors             Bioreactors with combined suspended and attached biomass             Granular biomass reactors
1.6                   Sludge treatment, utilisation and disposal
1.6.1                Sludge preliminary treatment
1.6.2                Thickening equipment
1.6.3                Sludge stabilisation             Chemical stabilisation             Biological stabilisation          Aerobic stabilisation          Anaerobic digestion          Composting
1.6.4                 Digester mixing and heating
1.6.5                 Biogas collecting, purification and utilisation
1.6.6                 Sludge conditioning
1.6.7                 Sludge disinfection
1.6.8                 Sludge dewatering
1.6.9                 Thermal treatment of sludge
1.6.10               Sludge utilisation, storage and disposal
1.7                     Pipes, adapting, pipes, pipe fittings
1.7.1                 Dewatering and sewerage systems
1.8                    Pumps and pumping station
1.9                    Air supply
1.9.1                 Air piping
1.9.2                 Aeration elements and equipment
1.10                  Reagents, disinfection agents and adsorption materials
1.10.1               Precipitants and oxidation agents
1.10.2               Coagulation and flocculation agents
1.10.3               Ion exchange resins and adsorbents
1.10.4               Disinfection agents
1.11                  Filtration materials and column media
1.12                  Measuring equipment and monitoring systems
1.12.1               Flowmetering devices
1.12.2               Water analysis, equipment and monitoring systems
1.12.3               Wastewater analysis, equipment and monitoring systems
1.12.4               Sludge analysis, devices
1.12.5               Analysis of water losses
1.13                  Processes and system operation and control
1.13.1               Measuring and control devices
1.13.2               Systems for collecting and treatment of operational data
1.13.3               Software
1.13.4               Process control, automated control systems
1.13.5               Service and repair of equipment
1.14                  Construction, installation and supply activities
1.14.1               Water treatment plant supplies
1.14.2               Construction and reconstruction of sewerage networks
1.14.3               Trenchless technologies
1.14.4               Construction and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants
1.14.5               Utilisation of water for rehabilitation and recreation - swimming pools and water-
                           massage equipment
1.14.6               Installation material, sanitary equipment
1.14.7               Laboratory equipment
1.14.8               Technological equipment for buildings
1.15                  Advisory, projecting and investment activities
1.15.1               Advisory service for water source quality protection
1.15.2               Design and projecting of water treatment plants
1.15.3               Advisory service for water treatment
1.15.4               Design and projecting of sewerage networks
1.15.5               Design and projecting of wastewater treatment plants
1.15.6               Advisory service for wastewater treatment
1.16                  Operation of water-supplies and sewerages
1.17                  Protection against floods
1.18                  Institutions, associations, unions, specialised literature and education

2.                       ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION

2.1                    Industrial cleaning and technology
2.1.1                 Special environment-friendly fertilisers
2.1.2                 Ecologically safe paints and varnishes
2.1.3                 Decontamination agents
2.1.4                 Freon use decreasing technologies
2.1.5                 Decrease of energy requirements of production
2.1.6                 Decrease of water requirements of production
2.1.7                 Low waste Technologies
2.2                    Industrial, stationary and specialised technology
2.2.1                 Protective clothes and aids for work with harmful and toxic substances
2.2.2                 Ecological emergency signalisation
2.2.3                 Prevention of emergency leakage of noxious substances
2.2.4                 Storage and transport of harmful substances
2.2.5                 Toxic waste elimination
2.3                     Industrial chemical cleaning means
2.3.1                 Ecology-friendly chemical cleaning means
2.3.2                 Maintenance of chemical plants
2.4                    Communal and exterior technology of cleaning
2.5                    Purification of air, exhaust and gases
2.5.1                 Separation of solid and liquid substances              Gravitation separators              Cyclones and centrifugal separators              Electrostatic separators              Filters              Separators of liquid substances
2.5.2                 Removal of gaseous impurities from air and exhaust gases              Condensation equipment              Absorption              Adsorption              Thermal processes              Chemical processes              Combustion              Biological processes and equipment              Technologies for desulphurisation of exhaust gases              Technologies for denitrification of combustion products
2.5.3                 Air-conditioning pipe fittings and other equipment
2.5.4                 Analytical and measuring devices
2.5.5                 Measurement of emmision and immision
2.5.6                 Advisory and projecting activities
2.6                    Machines, equipment and mechanisms in interior cleaning
2.7                    Unconventional sources of energy

3.                      COMMUNAL TECHNOLY
3.1                    Waste collecting, treatmnet and utilisation
3.1.1                 Equipment for waste collecting, manipulation and transport              Domestic and communal waste collecting              Industrial waste collecting              Hazardous waste collecting              Waste manipulation              Waste transport
3.1.2                 Equipment for waste sorting and pretreatment
3.1.3                 Treatment, utilisation and elimination of waste              Waste recycling              Composting and treatment for agricultural utilisation              Biological treatment              Thermal treatment and combustion              Elimination of waste by solidification              Elimination of hazardous waste
3.1.4                 Waste storage              Engineering and geological research              Projecting and erecting of sanitary landfills              Materials and equipment for landfills              Operation, monitoring and maintenance of landfills
3.1.5                 Advisory and consultation activities in the field of water and soil protection
3.2                    Water and soil protection
3.2.1                 Measuring, control, detection and monitoring equipment
3.2.2                 Hydrogeological research and monitoring
3.2.3                 Surface water protection
3.2.4                 Elimination of break-down pollution
3.2.5                 Recirculation systems for water treatment in swimming pools
3.2.6                 Advisory and consultation activities in the field of water and soil protection
3.3                    Air protection
3.3.1                 Devices andequipment for clean air maintenance
3.3.2                 Reduction of harmful emission from combustion engines
3.4                    Decontamination of soil
3.4.1                 Detection of noxious substances in soil
3.4.2                 Elimination of noxious substances from soil              Cleaning of soil contamined by crude oil substances              Reclamation and recultivation of damaged soil              Elimination of wasted generated in soil reclamation process
3.4.3                 Prevention of soil contamination
3.4.4                 Advisory and consultation activities in the field of soil contamination
3.5                    Decreasing of noise level
3.5.1                 Soundproof insulation materials
3.5.2                 Soundproof absorption walls and panels
3.5.3                 Soundproof windows
3.5.4                 Soundproof equipment              Mufflers              Impact and vibration attenuators
3.5.5                 Detection, measuring and monitoring devices
3.5.6                 Projecting of noise-resistance measures
3.5.7                 Advisory and consultation activities in the field of
                          noise reduction


4.1                    Planning, financing and developmnet
4.2                    Urban green, parks
4.3                    Equipment and services for maintaining town cleanness
4.3.1                 Litter bins
4.3.2                 Waste containers
4.3.3                 Waste collecting trucks
4.3.4                 Sweeping trucks
4.3.5                 Sprinkler vehicles
4.4                    Urban lighting
4.5                    Ancillary municipal equipment
4.6                    Traffic systems and traffic signs
4.7                    Public administration, institution and unions
4.8                    Administration software for towns and villages

5.                      HYDRAULIC POWER ENGINEERING
5.1                    Small hydraulic power plants (small, regular-sized)
5.2                    Measuring and control technology for hydraulic power engineering
5.3                    Advisory, projecting and investment activities in the field of hydraulic power
5.4                    Constructions and reconstruction
5.5                    Technologies, producers (hydraulic turbines)
5.6                    Distribution networks
5.7                    Software for hydraulic power engineering
6.                      ISOLATIONS
6.1                    Hydraulic isolations for constructions made of concrete
7.                      OTHERS ITEMS




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